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Every service Streiner performs for a client is an individual mission with its own peculiarities. We refuse to use templates or forms because we know each of our clients has individual personality and qualities of their own.

Our Services

In every project we abide by the strictest and latest compliance practices, whether they be set by statutes, by regulation, or by national or international standards.


The best way to fight corruption is to prevent it. This is why we offer training, and create compliance programs which further a culture of integrity.

  • Holistic Compliance Program based on ISO 19600 and ISO 37001
  • Training
  • Policies
  • Rules of Conduct
  • Response Protocols
  • Due Diligence

Detection and Investigation

We can help you detect irregularities within your organization at an early stage, and conduct investigations providing impartial outside personnel.

  • Anonymous whistleblowing systems
  • Internal investigations
  • Assistance and counseling in forensic financial audits

Resolution and Damage Control

There is still time; even if you detect corruption within your organization, we can help you deal with its consequences and mitigate any damages.

  • Negotiating Sanctions (cease-and-desist, DPA, NPA, etc.)
  • Monitoring, internal oversight and internal sanctions
  • Asset recovery
  • Representation in Anti-Corruption and integrity proceedings (gov., inv. banks, etc.)

If you have something more specific in mind, or are interested in one of our services, feel free to contact us.

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Pro Bono Publico

At Streiner we strive for integrity;
it is both our goal and our drive.

Because of this, and because we feel a compelling obligation to place our work at the disposition of those who need it most, there are projects in which we simply do not collect a fee.

What sort of cases?

Projects generally seeking public good. Our promise is to devote around 20% of our time to clients who cannot pay our fees, but who present us with projects which simply could not succeed without a little assistance or guidance.

Do you feel we can help you with such a case?

Great; we want to hear from you! Please call or write at to schedule an appointment and discuss it further.

All of our projects have this in common:

  • Preparation, experience and a calling

    A team with top-tier training and several years of professional experience in Anti-Corruption Law.

  • Personal service

    We make a conscious and deliberate effort to get to know our clients, and we make great strides to remain close to them.

  • Forthcoming, dependable information

    At Streiner every message, letter and call are tended to. We are aware that clients want and deserve to be well-informed about their project.

  • Clear and measurable results

    Measuring value is not always easy; at Streiner we do everything to facilitate this. In doing so, our client knows what results to expect and how they will be delivered.

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